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The Benefits Of DC Charger and AC Charger

The charger is an energy replenishment device for electric vehicles. In terms of charging types, chargers can be divided into DC chargers and AC chargers, corresponding to the output of DC and AC power.

I. What is DC charger?

DC charging is commonly known as "fast charging". When a DC charger is started, the built-in conversion module of the charger is used to directly convert the AC power from the grid into DC power, which is charged into the battery through the EV charging port. The input voltage of DC charger is usually three-phase four-wire AC 380V±15%, frequency 50Hz, and the output is adjustable DC power, which directly charges the power battery of electric vehicle. At present, the power of types of DC chargers is generally between 15KW-120KW, with each 15KW as a grade, i.e. 15KW, 30KW, 45KW, 60KW, and so on. The charging current of DC charger is large, ten times or even dozens of times of the conventional charging current, and the charging speed is very fast, generally in 30 minutes, the electric car can be fully charged with 80% of the power, after that, the constant current charging is changed to constant voltage charging to protect the battery, and the power is charged to the full.


II. What is AC charger?


AC charging is what is usually called "slow charging", which is a charging method that uses chargers to charge the battery by converting the AC power from the grid into DC power through the charging port and the vehicle charger. This ev ac charger’s power is small, generally below 7KW. If you use 7KW AC slow charging to charge the mainstream electric vehicles nowadays, it usually takes about 8 hours, which is a long charging time.


III.EV DC charger Benefits


From the charging power and way of two kinds of chargers, we can see that the advantage of 120kw DC charger is the high charging power and fast charging speed, which can bring the convenience of using the car to electric car owners. Like BYD Tang EV600, the battery capacity is up to 84kWh, using DC fast charging from 20%-80%, it can be completed in 30 minutes, and the charging capacity is up to more than 50 degrees. However, in addition to the higher cost of DC fast chargers, the requirements for electric vehicle batteries are also higher. DC charger charging, because the current and voltage are higher, the instantaneous impact on the battery is larger, easy to make the battery in a short period of time, the temperature increases dramatically, and make the lithium ions inside the battery off, more likely to affect the life of the battery. Therefore, if not necessary, or as little as possible with DC fast charging.


Ⅳ.EV AC charger Benefits


The biggest advantage of EV AC charger charging is that there is almost no adverse effect on the life of the battery, and the cost is relatively cheap, the current requirements are not as high as DC charger, but its charging power is small, charging time is too long, more suitable for installation in their own parking spaces, using the night charging.

From the top of the cost, then the use of low cost, after all, is the peak and valley electricity charging, from the top of the disadvantage of the slow charging time, on balance, if the conditions allow, try to use slow charging, to extend the life of the vehicle will help.

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