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180KW CCS2 DC Charger

180KW CCS2 DC Charger

The charging efficiency of 180KW CCS2 DC charger pile is up to 95%. CCS2 and CHAdeMO are both applied to meet different customer needs. Dynamic power distribution during charging process is also applied to customers with Convenient and efficient experience.

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Details of 180KW CCS2 DC Charger

Technical Feature of EV Charger

Technical Feature

Sunshade protection and cold light auxiliary technology are applied to the 180KW fast ccs2 dc charger to have better screen display with charging status  under strong light.

Power Dynamic Allocation of EV Charger

Power Dynamic Allocation

As a trusted ev charger wholesale supplier, our CCS2 180KW combo fast charger is able to realize dynamic distribution of power during the charging process of 300-950 voltage with built-in multiple charging modules. 

Specification of 180KW CCS2 DC Charger

Model Number


Output Current

CCS2 0-200A,CHADEMO 0-125A

DC output voltage range

150V~1000V DC 150V~500V DC

Output Power



Type 4.5m CCS2 charging cable

LCD Display


Internet Connection


OCPP Protocol (Optional)


IP Level


Application of EV Charger
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