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About CHARGE-UNI Technical Support Instructions

Technical Support Instructions of EV Charger

Whenever you have a issue with  your equipment, please contact us 7/24 customer service team. It supports remote OTA diagnosis and upgrade. Free spare parts are supported within the period of warranty.

About the Instructions and Precautions of the EV Charger

Simple Operation

Simply plug the charging plug into the vehicle, no more fuss. Through SOC screen allows you to keep track the charging status of vehicle.

Smart Upgrade

With the built-in 4g and WIFI module, you can upgrade your system and fix bugs online at any time by operating from your mobile device.

Protection Upgrade

Stronger IP55 protection level to meet daily use and protect the product to extend the product life.

About EV Chargers Quality Monitoring

About EV Chargers Quality Monitoring

We check every stage of the process, from component assembly to the finished product. And with the support of the professional quality monitoring team at Charge-uni, we identify and resolve the issue in time, ensuring that the products meet the quality system testing requirements.

CHARGE-UNI EV Chargers After-Sales Service Instructions

All of our products come with at least a one-year warranty and you can contact us at any time if a problem arises. We have a professional after-sales team who are customer-focused, respond quickly to customer needs, and do their best to solve customers' varied problems.

  • First step: contact us as soon as possible

  • Second step: let us know your issue

  • Third step: waiting for responses

CHARGE-UNI EV Chargers After-Sales Service Instructions
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