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We strive to build a charging management system (abbreviation: CCU), which is the core monitoring equipment of the non-vehicle DC charger system, complies with industry standards and meets market demand. It mainly realizes control guidance, vehicle communication, DC side sampling and control, and communication with human-machine interface, etc.


Details of CCU

Feature 01

Realize communication with human-machine interface

Realize communication with power management system (PCU)

Realize communication with intelligent management unit (IMU)

Feature 02

Detect charging gun connection status

Collect positive and negative pole temperature of charging gun

Bus voltage collection and insulation detection

Feature 03

Battery voltage collection

Charging current collection

Charging gun seat status detection

Feature 04

Electronic lock status detection and control

Emergency stop, access control and other switch status detection

Discharge relay control

Specification of CCU

Model Number CCU

1.Working power supply 187 V and c ~253Vac

2.Bus bar and battery voltage sampling Range: DC -200~1000V

Error: ≤±1% in the range of 200V~1000V

3.Charge current sampling

Accurate rating of the shunt: 0.5 class

Shunt rated current: 300A Shunt secondary voltage: 75mV

Error range: 1% in ≤±the range of 100A~300A, error within 100A≤±1A

Application of EV Charger
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