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Commercial EV Charger

As the market for electric vehicles keeps growing, the increasing demand for electric charging has led to more and more commercial charging equipment coming into the market. From the early days of AC charging equipment to the current high-power DC charging infrastructure, it has been a step-by-step development of technology. The new generation of commercial charging piles are equipped with two or more charging plugs that can support fast charging of up to 360KW. It only takes couple minutes to fully charge a residential car, and sitting down with a cup of coffee is enough time for a whole day's use. 

At the same time, the rapid development of the internet allows people to easily find the nearest charging point directly through their mobile phones and to check the amount of charging equipment remaining in real-time, avoiding the trouble of not having a standby charging point. It is also possible to book charge service through your smart mobile phone so that you can control your own charging process, while the internet also allows you to quickly respond to the service provider of the charging pile and solve your charging problems quickly.

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