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7KW GB/T AC Charger

7KW GB/T AC Charger

The 7KW AC wall mounted charger has an ultra-thin design and is able to be easily installed by the user. The user can use Bluetooth or swipe card activation, bringing convenience to the customer and making this 7kw ac charger suitable for different scenarios in life.

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Details of 7KW GB/T AC Charger

Safety Features of EV Charger

Safety Features

As a typical gbt ev charger, the charging data of home level2 ev charger is completely networked to ensure the integrity and safety of the user data, and there is an emergency stop button on the equipment to prevent device failure.

Convenient Operation of EV Charger

Convenient Operation

As a reliable ev car charger factory, our residential level 2 7kw ac charger pile has a compact size and a highly integrated design for easy subsequent installation. Supports multiple payment methods including swipe cards, apps etc.

Specification of 7KW GB/T AC Charger

Model Number


AC Power Input Rating


Output Current


Output Power


Connector Type

5m GB/T charging cable

LCD Display

4.3 (optional)

Internet Connection

Wi-Fi (4G optional)

IP Level


Application of EV Charger
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