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EV Car Charger FAQs

EV Car Charger FAQs

Q: Can it be charged on a rainy day outdoors?

The electric vehicle charging port has waterproof ability and can be charged when it's not raining too heavy. It is recommended to suspend charging outdoors during heavy rains to prevent causing short circuits or fires.

Q: How to charge to prolong battery life?

It is recommended that customers mainly use slow charging. For long-term fast charging, slow charging should be done at least once a month for balance. When not using electric vehicles, please keep 50-80% of the battary power.

Q: What problems should we notice during charging?

Please operate according to the prescribed process. The charging is fully automatic and no special attention is required, but the charging process must be in accordance with the regulations.

Q: Will frequent fast charging affect the battery function?

Frequent fast charging will have a certain impact on the life of the battery. It is recommended to apply fast charging as an emergency measure and try to avoid continuous fast charging.

Q: How do I find a charger that fits me?

If you are looking for home use, ev ac charger is a good option. If you are looking for commercial or industrial use, DC charger is good for you.

Q: Do you have OCPP agreement?

Yes, we can install ocpp function inside the chargers, normally will be ocpp1.6J

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