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60KW GB/T DC Charger

60KW GB/T DC Charger

Charge-Uni Chargers 60KW GB/T DC charging pile combines the latest generation of charging technology and can achieve up to 96% energy efficiency, which allows full utilization of energy and reduces energy loss.

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Details of 60KW GB/T DC Charger

Patented Technology of EV Charger

Patented Technology

It can effectively prevent dust erosion and prolong product life through exclusive patented protection technology.

Digital Display SOC of EV Charger

Digital Display SOC

The both sides of Charge-Uni DC charging piles are equipped with digital displays, enabling users to check the charging status of each vehicle clearly.

Sunshade Design of EV Charger

Sunshade Design

The sunshade is placed above the main screen to protect it from bright light and allow the user to read the device display at all times.

Specification of 60KW GB/T DC Charger

Model Number


DC Power Input Rating


Output Current


Output Power


Connector Type

5m GB/T charging cable

LCD Display


Internet Connection

4G and Ethernet

IP Level


Application of EV Charger
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