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Home EV Charger

With the further development of electric car batteries, more and more people are considering electric cars other than fuel ones, which results in explosive growth of home charging box. Unlike commercial charging stations, residential charging equipment do not require rapid charging, and two or more charging plugs for simultaneous charging, instead they are more concerned with convenience of installation and safety and stability. Older home charging box were bulky and not very powerful, while latest AC chargers are as big as a shoebox and can fully charge a car in just one night.

On the other hand, the new chargers are more intelligent, and it has a smarter way to have better protection and prevent stolen electricity instead of  the old RFID card charging function . The new charger can be connected to the user's home network through a built-in WiFi module to enable remote charging and set the time to achieve further cost savings. At the same time, data networking can effectively prevent others from swiping to activate the charging pile, hence protecting your property.

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