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GB/T EV Charger

GB/T EV Charger

Charge-Uni AC and DC products comply with the GB/T 18487.1-2015 standard. The GB/T EV AC Charging pile comes with compact size and simple  design, and customers can choose wall-mounted or stand-pillar installation. The GBT EV DC charger has a power of up to 180 kW, which further reduces charging time and improves overall charging efficiency.

GB/T EV Charger Types

GB/T EV AC Charger

GB/T EV AC Charger

GB/T AC chargers adopt AC fast charging technology, with high current output to achieve more efficient charging.
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GB/T EV DC Charger

GB/T EV DC Charger

The GB/T DC charger is designed with a double-protected air inlet to withstand the harsh environment.
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GBT Charging Standard

GB/T 20234.1-2015 stipulates the definition, requirements, test methods and inspection rules of the connecting device for conductive charging of electric vehicles. This standard applies to charging connection devices for conductive charging of electric vehicles, which: 

① AC rated voltage not exceeding 690V, frequency 50Hz, rated current not exceeding 250A; 

② DC rated voltage not exceeding 1000V, rated current not exceeding 400A. If the power supply interface of the charging connection device uses standardized plugs and sockets in accordance with GB2099.1 and GB1002, this standard does not apply to these plugs and sockets.

GBT Charger Compatibility

The GB/T Charger is renowned for its exceptional compatibility. Adhering to the GB/T charging standard, it is designed to accommodate a wide array of electric vehicles (EVs) that support this protocol. As a professional ev car charger supplier, our GBT charging piles are suitable for all electric vehicles on the Chinese market.  If it is an imported model, a GBT adapter may be required.  As long as it complies with the GB/T standard, our charger can deliver efficient and dependable charging.  This broad compatibility makes the GB/T Charger a versatile choice for individual EV owners and commercial entities serving a variety of EV models. 

GB/T EV Charger Drawing

ModelModel NumberF1
Rated Power30kW40kW
Input ParametersInput VoltageAC323V~ AC437V
Input Current657A≤79A
Output ParametersOutput VoltageDC200V ~ 750V
Output Current80A
Basic FeaturesBMS Auxiliary Source Standard 12V (24V can be customized)
Peak Efficiency295%
Start ModeQR code, RFID (optional), VIN (optional)
HMI7-inch touch LCD
ConnectivityEthernet/4G (optional)
Cable Length5m
Gross Weight65kg
Installation MethodWall-mounted; Floor - standing (optional bracket)
Environmental-30-50C (50-65 power derating); 5%-95% (no condensation)
Altitude2000m (2000-4000m power derating)

GB/T EV Charger Advantages

GB/T EV Charger Advantages

GB/T EV Chargers have several key advantages that enhance user convenience and safety. The charging data management function of the gb/t ac/dc products allows users to monitor and manage the charging process in real-time, providing valuable insights into charging status, energy consumption, and charging history. As a trusted ev charger wholesale supplier, our products' emergency stop button is designed to cut off the power supply from the power circuit in case of emergency to prevent the failure, which ensures safety at all times. CU GB/T EV Chargers offer various activation modes. These are all supported by credit cards, WeChat, Alipay, and other activation mode.

Difference between AC and DC GB/T EV Charger

As the electric system of an EV is a DC system, the AC power is not able to charge the power battery directly during AC charging, it needs to pass through a component called On-board Charger (OBC), which performs AC to DC conversion and is then supplied to the power battery after the voltage is transformed according to the command of the BMS.

In the case of DC charging, the DC pile itself is an AC/DC rectifier and DC/DC transformer, which can be converted from AC to DC directly outside the vehicle according to the needs of the BMS, replacing the role of the on-board charger, hence the ev chargers dc pile is also known as a non-on-board charger.

GB/T Charger Characteristics

Charging interface is a "nine-hole" design, the picture shows the GB/T DC chargering gun head. The top middle CC1 and CC2 are used for electrical connection confirmation, while S+ and S- are the communication lines between the off-board charger and the electric vehicle. The two largest holes, DC+ and DC-, are used for charging the battery pack and are high current lines; A+ and A- are connected to the off-board charger and provide low voltage auxiliary power for the electric vehicle, with earth at the very center.

GB/T EV Charger FAQ

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle with a GB/T EV charger?

Different models have different charging rates and battery sizes. Usually, a 60KW charging pile can fully charge a family car within 2 hours. 

What is the charging efficiency of GB/T AC and DC chargers?

The charging efficiency of GB/T AC reaches 95%, and the charging efficiency of DC products reaches up to 96%.

What is unique feature about GB/T EV CHARGER?

Our GB/T EV charger has high protection degree, low noise design and better environmental adaptability.

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