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22KW Type2 AC Charger

22KW Type2 AC Charger

Charge-Uni commercial AC charging pile features an energy-efficient output of up to 32A and a power output of 22kw. The protection level has reached to IP55.

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Details of 22KW Type2 AC Charger

Advanced Technology of EV Charger

Advanced Technology

Advanced MID technology makes more accurate power display. Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and 4G connectivity meet a stable connection. Users can check the charging status through the APP.

Strong Power of EV Charger

Strong Power

The three-phase output allows for a power up to 22kW and only three hours to fully charge the 60KW battery.

Reliable Protection of EV Charger

Reliable Protection

With its unique design and integration, the charging pile achieves IP55 protection level, which effectively protects the device from rain and dust, hence extending the life of the product.

Specification of 22kw Type2 AC Charger

Model Number


AC Power Input Rating

380V AC(3-Phase)

Rated Frequency


Output Current


Output Power


Connector Type

5m Type 2 charging cable

LCD Display

3.8 (optional)

Internet Connection

Wi-Fi (LAN optional)

OCPP Protocol (Optional)

OCPP 1.6

IP Level


Application of EV Charger
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